Real Value: New Ways to Think About Your Time, Your Space & Your Stuff

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Organzing Your Clutter Can Help You Save Time and Money

Real Value: New Ways To Think About Your Time, Your Space & Your Stuff

Overwhelmed by Stuff?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the stuff in your home? Is your home office a messy file drawer of papers? Do you want to get organized, but you do not know where to start? I wrote Real Value: New Ways To Think About Your Time, Your Space Your Stuff to help people who want to get organized but feel overwhelmed by all the stuff in their home.
John Odalen is the author of Real Value: New Ways To Think About Your Time, Your Space & Your Stuff
This book will help you look at your stuff differently and put you on the right track to get organized and stay organized, so you can better enjoy life. We will consider the real value of our possessions. Is “real value” a dollar amount? Or the usefulness of the item? Or how it makes you feel? There are many ways to consider an item’s value, none of them right or wrong. Everything is relative in terms of what is really important to you, whether it be your time, your space, or your stuff. The book includes included best practices that I have shared with customers of my organizing business, Organize and Maintain . ~John Odalen, Professional Organizer.

"Real Value" was featured in the March 23, 2016 issue of U.S.1 News.

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" A useful, orderly, and well-written book! It is relatively short yet somewhat analytical as well as practical, so that people are more prone to read it. It also is brief in addressing common reasons that beginning and staying organizing is difficult, and how one can overcome those issues standing in their way. The book is well ordered, and it is easy to find what one needs. John's concept of steps before actually getting down to business is terrific."
~Suzanne Neilson, Professional Organizer, The Organized Life

" Most of us, in one way or another, are challenged by our “stuff”; how to organize it, when to organize it, how to maintain it, what to get rid of, etc. Mostly, we feel overwhelmed by it so we avoid getting it effectively handled. Clearly it costs us something; time, money, peace of mind, etc. John, in his book, makes his organization tools “user friendly”. He understands, he is non judgmental, he simplifies, and he chunks it down into bite size logical and manageable pieces. For anyone who wants simple and effective strategies, John’s book is a powerful tool." ~Natasha Sherman, Life Success Coach

" John nailed it. He has taken the overwhelming task of organizing and made it simple by providing formulas for motivation and organization. It is a step by step process that he walks you through by holding your hand all the way. Whether you just can't find your keys or whether you can no longer see your floor because of all the clutter, I highly recommend you reading John's book." ~Dan Cruoglio, Life Adjustments Coaching

" John Odalen uses his personal and professional experience to illustrate his strategies for organizing our spaces. His plan is useful for people of all ages. John's recommendations for finding the right place for everything are useful strategies for people starting to experience memory loss. Older adults face particular challenges. Some find it harder to make decisions about what to keep and what to toss. Some find it more daunting to put things away, especially if they are in low or high places or down steep stairs. Clutter presents tripping hazards. Others find that they have inherited the family heirlooms and an obligation to keep them or they associate some of their things with people they have lost. Many are considering downsizing to smaller homes, so having strategies for decision making and using space well are especially helpful. " ~Susan Hoskins, Executive Director Princeton Senior Resource Center

Organizing Resources

An updated version of the appendix found in the book, with resources to help you get organized.